New Guinness World Record
'Fastest to touch all 7 continents'
92h - 04m - 19s


Thank you to everyone that followed along our journey across the globe. We are excited to announce we set the record and were inspired by everyone we met along the way. Looking forward to sharing the video of our whole experience within the next few days. Stay tuned.


Inspiring a generation to travel, dream, explore and push the boundaries of possibility.


What is 7in72?

7in72 is a project where Kasey Stewart and Julie Berry will attempt to break a world record by traveling to touch all 7 continents in 72 hours (The current record is 120 hours). Starting in Sydney and ending in Antarctica they will embark on the ultimate test of extreme travel by crossing all continents to achieve the seemingly impossible journey and inspire people around the globe to push the limits of what is possible and pursue their passions.

Route Map

12/13 4:55pm - 12:40am Sydney --> Dubai 
(14:45 flight time) 4h:20m in Dubai
12/14 5am - 7:10am Dubai --> Cairo
(4:10 flight time) - 3h:20m in Cairo
12/14 10:30am - 2:10pm Cairo --> Frankfurt
(4:40 flight time) - 3h:00m in Frankfurt
12/14 5:10pm - 7:40pm Frankfurt --> Toronto
(8:40 flight time) - 4h:05m in Toronto
12/14 11:45pm - 12:05pm Toronto --> Santiago
(11:20 flight time) - 6h:15m in Santiago
12/15 6:20pm - 9:40pm Santiago --> Punta Arenas
(3:20 flight time) - 2h:00m-10h:20m in Punta Arenas
12/16 est. 8am depart Punta Arenas --> Antarctica
(2:30 flight time)

Total estimated elapsed time: 72h-79h
49.5 hours in airplanes
23-30 hours on continents


TAKEOFF Dec. 13th at 4:55pm from

Sydney, Australia


sydney lead-xlarge.jpg

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.


12:40am December 14th LAND IN

Dubai, UAE

4h20m layover on CONTINENT 2: ASIA


Current world record: 120 hours

New world record goal: 72-79h


7:10am DEC. 14th land in

Cairo, Egypt

3h20m layover on CONTINENT 3: Africa


If not now... when?


2:10PM Dec. 14th land in

Frankfurt, Germany

3h00m layover in CONTINENT 4: Europe


Stepping into the unknown is where you'll find infinite possibilities.


7:40pm dec. 14th land in

Toronto, Canada

4h05m layover in CONTINENT 5: North america


The road is there. Just decide to take it.


12:05pm dec. 14th land in

Santiago, Chile

6h15m layover in CONTINENT 6: SOUTH AMERICA


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


9:40pm dec.15th land in

Punta Arenas, Chile

city of departure for antarctica flight
2H+ layover dependent on weather

punta arenas airport.jpg

Fear regret, not failure.


est. time of arrival is dec. 16th 10:30am in