Julie and I both spent 2017 traveling the world on separate paths. Through social media and mutual friends we met in January 2017, in Queenstown, New Zealand, where we volunteered at a Bonnie Tyler concert as parking attendants. After a couple hours of directing cars across open grass fields surrounded by New Zealand wineries we finally made it in to sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' with thousands of kiwis. I left New Zealand shortly after and we kept in touch over our year of travel exchanging travel tips and destination recommendations. We are excited to join forces for our craziest adventure yet.

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Kasey Stewart

After 13 years in advertising I decided to take off and spend 2017 traveling the world. I was a VP, Group Creative Director for Razorfish advertising working with some amazing people and great clients on some exciting projects. Life was actually really good... I was living in Austin, Texas and flying to NYC & LA every week for photo shoots, video production and meetings. In the middle of what was a dream career I started to feel creatively stagnant and an urge to push myself outside my comfort zone. Something bigger than myself. I wanted to travel more, experience new cultures, have unplanned adventures and meet new people. And I wanted to document it all so I could share everything I experienced. I quit my job, sold most possessions, put what I had left into a storage container, bought some cameras and took off.

One blank year with the world as my playground and camera in hand.

I have a strong desire to fill my life with new experiences… I’ve jumped (with a rope) from the highest cliff jump in the world in New Zealand, skydived in Santa Barbara, got detained by the Vietnamese military, stayed in the world’s scariest hotel in Peru, got my advanced scuba certification in Thailand, hiked the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii, lived out of the back of a station wagon in Norway, stayed in a Castle in Positano, rode my scooter down the beach at sunset in the Philippines, sat underneath the Northern lights in Iceland, rode a motorcycle across Sierra Leone and did the polar plunge in Antarctica. I live my life for experiences, and I love to capture those experience so I can share them with others. It’s my passion.

In December of 2016 I went to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions and set foot on my 7th continent. After the trip I asked myself what was next? I always wanted to explore all corners of our planet and after 50+ countries and 7 continents I felt like I had just scratched the surface. It wasn’t enough. I wanted to not just travel, but inspire others to push outside their comfort zone. Do things they’ve never done. Experience something for the first time. To do something that makes them uncomfortable and go after their passion, no matter what that may be.

7in72 is more more than just about travel. It's not even about a world record. Its about pushing boundaries. Rethinking what’s normal. Breaking barriers of what’s possible. The project is meant to challenge you to rethink how you not just think about everything, but to challenge why you do anything. I hope this project helps push you past whatever uncomfortable obstacle that may be holding you back from the life you want to live.

My home base San Luis Obispo, CA and plan to continue traveling and public speaking in 2018. I am also a Creative partner at a startup mobile app company called Adventure Aide where you can browse and book outdoor adventures led by local guides.

Instagram: @kasey


julie berry

Do you notice the narrative you tell others about "who you are?" Have you ever met someone of great accomplishment who doesn’t define themselves by such honors? Those are the people I’ve come to admire, the ones I’ve found a deep inspiration and gratitude for as they blaze their own way. But for the sake of this bio, here are some facts about me and some choices I’ve made in expanding my interests. I’m an adopted Native American girl who was born and raised in Maine. Like many I’ve made choices along the way to explore aspects of self while building a diverse resume. I’ve chosen some rad things; I survived on the TV show Survivor for 36 days, I moved to California and received a Masters in Educational Psychology and Counseling, I became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I’ve spent the last 5 years working in TV as a producer.  Throughout the years, I’ve fought to preserve a quiet place where I could cultivate an awareness of my spirit.   It is only with an earnest curiosity and the help of life’s up and downs that I have discovered my heart’s true beat.

Do you know what turns you on to life? Travel seems to be a universal trigger for personal expansion and inspiration, it most definitely is for me. Isn’t it interesting to experience what lies beneath the noise of our own lives? I love entering a different culture and become aware of my prior societal influences, to observe a religion with foreign spiritual methodologies that inspires me to set aside my impulse of personality, to explore the vast differences within foreign lands only to conclude that we are all very much having a human experience. It beckons the phrase "getting out of your comfort zone", and the invaluable truth of setting aside the ideas of who we think we are as individuals and connecting with the universal pulse of existence. It’s been a year since I’ve put all my things in storage and have been traveling around the globe. This choice has become a corner stone to my own declaration to consciously create my legacy. Travel, inspiration and giving back to this world is my mission.

Maybe the act of being in service to others, where our time is dedicated to elevating the collective consciousness is indicative of a landmark in growth and reassurance that we are getting closer to the point of life... that we are all indeed able to access the heart beat of what it means to be alive.

Instagram: @julieberry